• Feeling anxious about your life?
  • Unable to solve a problem?
  •  Unhappy with an aspect of your life?
  •  Having trouble making decisions?
  • looking for deeper spiritual connections?
  •  looking for tools to manage emotional pain and stress?
  •  Confused about a love relationship?
  • Looking for clarity about the next steps in your career?

or even just looking for a way to finally have the life you want? 

Well, you’re in luck because it all starts right now, right here with you… are you ready?


Spiritual Guidance is the healing modality for you if you are ready to finally break through those barriers that are holding you back from taking the actions and making the decisions that create a fulfilling life for you.

The methodology and supplemental tools of this healing are adapted specifically for you and your needs.

Healing is not linear, life is a rollercoaster full of ups and downs but they don’t have to be so nerve wracking, sometimes you just need a little guidance on your journey to see that sometimes rocky terrain isn’t even an obstacle.

I am grateful to be a part of your toolbox on this journey and remind you of all the tools you can provide yourself to become the sovereign being you desire to be. Everyone’s journey is different, and so the work I do with you is based entirely around your unique needs and intentions.

Join me in your healing realm to get a sneak peak at some of the extra supplemental tools


I am offering tea ceremony and counseling sessions. We can discuss and dissect the way to your ideal life. These are not just tea ceremonies but an opportunity for you to share, ask and receive guidance.

Guided Tea Ceremony

This is more than a tea session. It's an experience where you can relax, learn and enjoy the journey of Life. I use tea ceremony to aid in meditation and conversation. This conversation will be a reflection on your life and your current set path. I am here to help you find and pursue your ideal life.